CMAX Advisory expands to Europe

Media release, Monday 26 November 2018

CMAX Advisory today announced an expansion to Europe. CMAX Advisory’s third office, to be located in central London, will be headed up by Davina Langton as Vice President, Europe. Davina has more than 20 years’ experience working at the highest levels of Australia’s State and Federal Governments.

“For years, CMAX Advisory has partnered with European companies to help them do business in Australia. I look forward to supporting more European companies navigate Australia’s political and media landscape and capture key business opportunities internationally,” said Christian Taubenschlag, CMAX Advisory’s Founder and President.

“I’m pleased that Davina will be taking up the post of Vice President, Europe. Davina’s extensive knowledge of legislative processes and systems has been highly valued by CMAX Advisory’s clients for a decade. Now based in the Brexit-focussed United Kingdom, Davina’s experience is in strong demand as companies in the UK and Europe seek to engage more broadly with Australian markets and the political and regulatory systems here.”