Code of ethics

CMAX Advisory operates according to the ethical standards expected of a leading government relations and public relations firm, strictly adhering to the Australian Government’s Lobbying Code of Conduct.

  • We operate with honesty, transparency and professional integrity towards clients, government organisations and public institutions.
  • We ensure complete commitment to accurate representation on behalf of all clients to public authorities, with equal dedication to comprehensive research and required documentation.
  • We uphold all privacy and confidentiality rights of current and former clients and ensure their IP is fully protected at all times. Information is only released upon agreement from said clients.
  • We utilise the best avenues which benefit the pursuit of meeting and exceeding client expectations, whilst adhering to all codes of ethical conduct and ensuring that clients’ goals do not conflict with legal and fair practice.
  • We provide coherent and honest advice for all clients.
  • We never instigate schemes which lead to financial incentives on behalf of clients to parliamentary and public service employees, and will refuse to do so if asked by any client; nor will we accept any payments which might be perceived as a solicitation of any kind.
  • We refuse to exploit public service employees in any measure, and commit to acting accordingly with all levels of government as per industry regulations.
  • We refuse to commit our services to clients or projects which are compromised by conflicts of interest and competing objectives.
  • We will not provide false guarantees of successful outcomes if the objectives exceed the capabilities of our firm.