Government Relations

Working with government, at parliamentary and departmental levels, is CMAX Advisory’s core business.

We have built broad and productive bipartisan networks with key decision makers and influencers in Australia and maintain a clear picture of government processes. Our team is respected for its integrity and accountability in all its engagements with government. We conduct our representational work with unwavering professionalism, openness and honesty.

Political analysis

We use our knowledge and expertise on Australian politics to closely follow and analyse political developments for their strategic implications on governments and businesses, including individual clients.

Through our trusted network of contacts and interlocutors, we receive and verify information quickly and first-hand. We remain on the front foot to react to challenges and opportunities quickly and effectively, providing advice that is measured and based on our extensive experience.

Stakeholder engagement

Our team intimately understands the government decision making landscape in Australia. We provide clients with a comprehensive overview of where, and how best, to engage in order to influence outcomes that support their interests.

We identify and facilitate engagement with key individuals and organisations with the power to make or recommend decisions. This includes engagement at federal and state levels with parliamentarians across the political spectrum, as well as with senior decision makers in government departments and organisations.

We also engage a broad range of external actors who influence and shape the decision making process, including thought leaders, academia, advocacy groups, and mainstream and industry media.

Market positioning

We help organisations understand their relative market position and the broader political and business environment in which they seek to operate.

In addition to supporting clients achieve specific project aims, our team develops innovative strategies to influence and shape the environment in order to improve clients’ overall market positions.