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EOS is an ASX listed Australian owned and operated Defence, Space and Communications company. EOS has designed, manufactured and exported advanced technology systems for over 35 years. EOS is Australia’s largest defence exporter, and the Remote Weapon System is one of its long-established, operationally proven products.

CMAX Advisory has been a proud partner of EOS since 2019, providing strategic communications, media engagement, government relations and corporate strategy services.


  • Strategic communications
  • Media engagement
  • Government relations
  • Corporate strategy


EOS secured a $120 million deal to export its Remote Weapon Systems to Ukraine. EOS is proudly supporting the Ukrainian Armed Forces and the people of Ukraine by providing the country with the lifesaving utility of its Remote Weapon System.

CMAX Advisory provided strategic advice to assist EOS in securing this export, as well as government relations and media engagement activities following the contract award which resulted in positive national print and radio news coverage.

This capability will be used by Ukrainian soldiers, ensuring they are able to employ their weapon systems while remaining safely behind the protection of their vehicle.